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Secret Anthology

Secrets are unknown or unseen by others. Hidden in this book are 9 secret stories waiting to be uncovered! Come along and uncover the mysteries of THE SECRET ANTHOLOGY!

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Agent Wild

WILD Is an alien policing the alien presence on Earth who uncovers a plot to destroy an entire galactic alliance. Starting with EARTH.

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A re-imagining of Dracula, a story exploring the humanity of the character that will become the world’s most infamous monster.

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The Damned

A short story in the style of Creepy Magazine! Shipwrecked on an unknown island, Chris Corben must trust his instincts to survive. Will they be enough or will he be the next to join the Damned?

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The seas rose. Mankind is decimated. Creatures of the sea rule with might. Who will rise to change the tide? The Seamurai… Hai Hai Hai!

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Food For Thought

When Howie and Lynn discover that presidential hopeful Tronald Dump eats babies, they must save his latest victim!

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Reaper Corps

2308. EARTH. Enter a world where CYBORGS pray to a God. CLONES fight for civil rights. And MANKIND is an endangered species.

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Universe Protectors

A story about monsters, magic, technology and growing up in a world where it feels like every day might be the last.

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Monsters and other scary shit anthology

224-page hardcover anthology about monsters. Cute to scary and everything in between. 30 creative teams with credits from Boom, Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Transformers, Invader Zim, My Little Ponies, and more! Includes stories from Sketchy Bug members.

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The Promise (Artists’ Edition)

An insomniac learns that broken promises not only haunt you but can prove to be quite deadly!

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Danica Shade Special

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Captain Paiute

Captain Paiute, indigenous defender of the Southwest, fights for truth, justice, and the Native American way.

We Make Comics. Do You?

The Sketchy Bug group has been meeting weekly every Wednesday night since 2013
Unique Creations
Do Not
Require Solitude

The Sketchy Bug Group was founded when a group of South Bay creators chose to break free from the isolation of working in solitude and sought out a common place for creative work in an attempt to simulate the “bullpen” experience of comic book history. The group has been meeting every week on Wednesday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm at THE COMIC BUG in Manhattan Beach, CA since the Spring of 2013. Be it Artist or Writer, Inker or Colorist, The Sketchy Bug Group welcomes all that are enthusiastic about pursuing creations in this medium.

Sketchy Bug Bullpen

A hive of creativity

John Ercek

Editor, Illustrator & Colorist
SBG Prolocutor
-Secrets Anthology (E)

Don Walker

Creator, Writer & Illustrator
Owner Dork Empire Ink
-Agent WILD (C/W/I)
-Reaper Corps (C/W/I)

Edward Ambriz

Creator & Writer
-Vlad (C/W)

David Moreno

Creator, Illustrator & Colorist
-The Sapphire Directive (C/I)
-Vlad (I)

Alex Bodnar

Creator & Illustrator
-The Damned (I)
-Alex Bodnar Sketches (I)
-The Promise (I)

Felix Yin

Creator, Writer & Illustrator
-Seamurai (C/I)
-The Damned (W)
-The Promise (W)

Roland De Aragon

Creator, Writer & Illustrator
-Illegal Aliens (C/W/I)
-Play Guitar Like The Pros (C/W/I)
-Rehearsal-Nomics (C/W/I)

Joe Burns

Creator, Writer & Editor
-Danica Shade: This Party is Sooo Dead (C/W)
-The Eulogy (W)
-Metal Skin (W)
-West Brought Him Closer (W)
-Danica Shade: Nevertheless, She Persisted (C/W)

Jose E. Cardenas

Creator, Writer & Illustrator
-Universe Protectors (C/W)

Luis Bermudez

Creator, Writer & Illustrator
-Monsters and Other Scary Shit Anthology (C/W)

Marcus Newsome

Writers, Illustrator & Storyboard Artist
-Lightning Strike (C/W/I)

Rob Schmidt

Creator, Writer & Editor
Owner of Blue Corn Comics
-Peace Party
-Captain Paiute

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